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Secure and nimble encrypted communication for your enterprise

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BABEL is an enterprise platform for encrypted communication between mobile devices and PCs. It enables encrypted messages and documents to be sent and stored on the devices without risking the leak of confidential business information. The complete infrastructure is operated internally under your company's supervision and administration.

Strong Cryptography

BABEL BE uses strong cryptographic technologies and protocols based on international standards.

No Digital Certificates

There is no need to purchase and renew certificates for your users. Everything is provided by your BABEL server connected to the corporate directory.

No third-party servers

Installation and operation on your company's server under your full administration. No data is stored on third-party servers outside of your direct control.

Secure communications

Encrypted synchronous and asynchronous mobile–mobile, PC–mobile, and PC–PC communications. Sending encrypted messages, photographs, voice messages, and documents among devices with iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Who should use BABEL BE?

  • Management
  • Law offices, financial advisors
  • Banking sector
  • Business
  • Health care
  • Media and journalists
  • Construction

Management - managers and their business partners

Top management, members of supervisory boards, and other managers often share sensitive information through messages and e-mail. Every day, they become highly appealing targets for eavesdropping and industrial espionage and therefore require a higher level of communications security than most other employees.

Whether you are a manager in the power industry, pharmaceutical sector, or any other industrial or services sector, you have a great deal of business secrets, intellectual property, and other sensitive information that you need to protect. Eavesdropping and interception of your shared data can have a crucial impact on your business, threatening the outcomes of your tenders or influencing the success of new products on the market.

BABEL Business Edition offers a comprehensive solution for encrypting mobile communications which minimizes risks associated with unsecured communications. Adopting BABEL Business Edition ensures that your communications will be encrypted during transmission and when saved to the mobile phone.

Law offices, financial advisors

Mobile communications have become standard for professional services and organizations working in the legal and financial sectors. Whether working in a law office, courthouse, office or in the field, advisors from the ranks of lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, and investment bankers share sensitive information on a daily basis with their business partners and the clients they represent. It is important to encrypt communications with clients for its own sake, but also to help demonstrate the professionalism and trustworthiness of the specialist and the services they provide.

Implementing BABEL Business Edition services ensures that communications will remain private and secure, without any risk of eavesdropping from competition, counterparties or subjects of investigation.

Banking sector

Banks and other financial institutions often send their customers information on their mobile phones. These messages routinely contain authentication codes, credentials, account balances, payment confirmation codes and other confidential information that is the target of sophisticated, 'cross-platform' attacks. These attacks represent a significant risk not only for clients, but also to the bank's or finance house's reputation.

Thanks to BABEL Business Edition's customer-tailored client interface, these institutions can send sensitive data securely and provide both security and peace of mind to their clients. In addition to increasing security, banks significantly reduce communications costs by using encrypted data communications instead of unsecured messages.

Sales and business development

The majority of industrial sectors are rapidly adopting mobile devices as a means of cutting costs while boosting their efficiency and effectiveness. Intellectual property and business secrets are therefore becoming exposed to a continually increasing risk – There is the potential to obtain this information by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of mobile devices that are operating outside the company's secure network.

All sales communications contain sensitive information with commercial value. What you communicate, with whom you communicate, where you communicate from – these are private matters for you. There is a real need to protect this information and prevent them from being eavesdropped upon or compromised.

BABEL Business Edition offers sellers a solution for accessible and secure encryption of mobile communications, operated and administered through their own resources.

Health care

Communicating with patients using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, is a rapidly growing trend among health care providers. The risk of violating legal requirements to protect health-care information is also rapidly increasing. Unauthorized access to this data can result in legal complaints and lawsuits and can damage the reputation of the health care institution.

If you are a health care institution, then in this area BABEL Business Edition offers you a comprehensive solution for sending encrypted communications and sharing sensitive information with your clients. Do not risk prosecution for violations of medical confidentiality; comply with the legal requirements for protecting sensitive personal data.

Media and journalists

Mobile devices and communications are basic work tools for journalists around the word. They often write reports and stories related to human rights violations, political causes, corruption, and so on. This activity places journalists and especially their information sources at great risk. Collecting information, protecting their sources, and transmitting information in a secure way are of the utmost importance to professional journalists. From this perspective, the use of open communications in today's world seems more and more reckless.

Thanks to BABEL Business Edition, journalists can communicate securely and confidentially across the globe without risking the exposure of their sources, their identity, or the information they transmit..

Construction and other technical professions

In the construction industry and other professions reliant on work in the field, mobile devices are more and more frequently used. Whether during construction, renovations, or service visits to clients, employees of construction companies often communicate with their main offices and suppliers.

For such cases, BABEL Business Edition offers a convenient and simple method of secure, encrypted communication. Thanks to BABEL Business Edition, these employees can send photos and videos, record voice messages, and send and receive new instructions, plans, and other internal information from their managers and other coworkers with no fear of this information being compromised by external actors.

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