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It is the only platform on the market,
that was developed as an enterprise solution and is completely yours.

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There are several existing applications and solutions available for mobile communication. A common feature of these applications is that they require the use of a 3rd party server. Therefore you as a user have no control over what is happening with your data. Many of these applications also have a non-transparent business model or non-transparent ownership. Subsequent concern for many users is a technical support as most of the providers will not talk to you, ever.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a world’s number one security solution for mobile communication. We want to do that by implementing non-breakable encryption, creating a user-friendly interface and by being absolutely transparent.

Key features

Strong cryptography

BABEL BE is using strong cryptography technology across the system. Each message is encrypted peer to peer and stays encrypted even while stored on the device using the symmetric algorithm AES with randomly generated keys.

No digital certificates

No need to pay and maintain digital certificates. Secure administration, distribution and synchronization of cryptographic keys on mobile devices is ensured by BABEL server, which is connected to your company’s directory.

Without 3rd party servers

Data that is temporarily or long-term stored on 3rd party servers is completely out of your control. Only BABEL allows you to communicate within your environment with no 3rd party involved.

Connection to company's directory

Administrator does not need to create new user accounts; those can be transferred and synchronized with your company’s directory. (AD, LDAP, ...).

User administration

Your BABEL server maintains a database about users, specifically their contact information (phone numbers and addresses for electronic communication). BABEL server also stores and synchronizes user’s public keys. The web administration console allows you to manage your BABEL server and enables you to react promptly to unusual situations such as lost or stolen device, or any personnel migration within your organization and also to block communication from a specific device with other users.

Attachment encryption

BABEL BE enables you to send encrypted attachments such as photos, documents, videos, etc. These attachments are encrypted with the same level of security as a general message.

Secure storage

Each message is encrypted not only during the transmission but in the application sandbox as well. For decryption of the message you need to input your PIN number into the application.


Mobile application for iOS and Android are available for download on the Appstore and GooglePlay. Applications for Windows phone and Windows Desktop are currently under development.

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