BABEL Business Edition

BABEL encrypts your messages

Protects your company's communication against eavesdropping and prevents misuse of personal data and trade secrets. Works on PC, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.

Advanced application for encrypting your company's communications

The main objective in developing BABEL Business Edition was to secure businesses' mobile communications, the importance of which is indisputable in these times of frequent leaks and data mining.

With BABEL, you can securely send messages and documents from any device. Strong cryptography and end-to-end encryption protect your data both during transmission and after delivery. Communicate without fear your sensitive information will be disclosed.

What makes BABEL BE unique is the fact that its entire infrastructure, including the server component, is operated and administered by your company's administrator. There is no need to worry about data leaking on servers because the transmitted data is encrypted between transmission end points and you own the servers. The administrator can react on the run to such extraordinary situations as device theft or loss and personnel changes within the organization and block communications with the given device or user.

  • Android, iOS, Windows PC clients

    The BABEL apps for iOS and Android are available at no charge from the AppStore and GooglePlay. The application for Windows PCs can be installed using an MSI installation package.

  • Encrypts messages, images, videos and documents

    Any message attachments are encrypted in the same manner as the message itself. You can therefore securely send documents containing private and business information to your employees' mobile devices and PCs.

  • Secure document storage

    Each message and all attachments are encrypted not only during transmission but also when saved by the sender or recipient within the BABEL app. To decrypt and display the message, it is sufficient to enter the password/PIN/fingerprint.

  • Messages under your control

    After the set time has expired, you can be sure that your sensitive message will be deleted from the recipient's device. BABEL displays delivery, nondelivery, and read receipts.

  • Connection to the company directory

    Your company's administrator does not need to create user accounts as these can be imported from your company's existing directory. It is possible to use authentication with Active Directory to register a new device via the user's website.

  • Integration with your company's apps

    The BABEL server integrates with your company's existing apps (HR, CRM, DMS, etc.) to send encrypted messages and documents from these apps to devices with BABEL.

Client features

  • Sending encrypted messages via internet data transfer
  • Sending encrypted messages via SMS (e.g., if data service, roaming, or an available server not available)
  • Sending encrypted attachments (photographs, videos, voice messages, documents, etc.)
  • Possibility to connect to multiple servers
  • Possibility to use multiple devices per user
  • Possibility of asynchronous communication (either the sender or recipient can be offline)
  • Creation of basic documents directly in the application – photographs, videos, sound recordings
  • Secure storage of encrypted received and sent messages and documents directly in the app
  • Display of common document types directly in the application (without the need to save an unencrypted document to the card/disk)
  • Display of attachment previews for sent and received messages
  • Sharing files among apps (iOS – open in: BABEL)
  • Forwarding messages to another recipient
  • Copying messages
  • Setting message expiration
  • Message self-destruction
  • Storing message drafts
  • Deleting messages and entire conversations
  • Displaying delivery and nondelivery receipts
  • Displaying read receipts
  • Receiving notifications of messages waiting for delivery
  • Encrypting device keys using a complex password that must be entered at BABEL startup
  • If BABEL is running, to unlock the client's screen it is sufficient to enter the PIN or fingerprint (iPhone), in both cases with a limit on the number of invalid attempts, which if exceeded requires reentering the complex password.
  • Server certificate monitoring via keys embedded in the client application (public key pinning)
  • Monitoring integrity of encrypted messages and attachments (encrypt-then-authenticate)
  • Delivery order monitoring (against replay attacks)
  • Optional voice authentication via a “contact key” (against MitM attacks on the server)
  • Export/import of the encrypted device key

Server features

  • Import of users from LDAP/AD, selection criteria
  • Distribution and synchronization of users' public keys
  • Support for multiple devices per client
  • OTP authentication, LDAP authentication, AD SSO
  • Synchronization of messages sent from one device to the sender's other devices
  • Asynchronous delivery of messages and attachments to multiple devices
  • Sending nondelivery receipts
  • Setting implicit parameters (message expiration, maximum attachment size, etc.)
  • Deleting expired messages and attachments
  • Possibility to create groups on the server
  • Invalidating keys
  • Removing registered devices
  • Blocking users
  • System logging of server and user events
  • Online administrative console for server, user, group, device, and key administration
  • Online user self-service – recording and registering user devices

BABEL – features for the company

  • The BABEL server is located and administered within the company
  • Multiple devices (mobile, tablet, notebook, PC, etc.) for a single user account
  • Integration of the BABEL server with third-party apps to send encrypted messages and documents from any apps to a device with BABEL
  • Import of user accounts from the company directory (LDAP, Active Directory)
  • Creation of accounts for employees, partners, and external personnel
  • Bulk operations with user accounts
  • Creating user groups to manage user visibility in contacts and the possibility to limit message sending to only group members
  • User website with the possibility to use SSO with Active Directory
  • Possibility to use authentication with Active Directory to register a new user device
  • Setting parameters, both globally for the company and for groups

Security verified by independent authorities

We subject BABEL's cryptographic design and security mechanisms to independent auditing. The solution's security is therefore guaranteed by reputable authorities in cryptography and security.

Inspection of BABEL Business Edition's cryptographic design

BABEL is a software product for secure business communication based on using a number of advanced cryptographic technologies and protocols. To reach the required security level, it is not sufficient merely to select tested algorithms and assemble them into a product. It is necessary to proceed on the basis of expert knowledge to properly design and implement the cryptography, ensure secure procedures are used, eliminate data leaks through side channels, and implement mechanisms to detect potential attacks. We reached out to Vlastimil Klíma with a request for him to inspect BABEL Business Edition's cryptographic design.

Security inspection of BABEL software implementation

BABEL uses strong cryptography, verified protocols, and secure procedures to transmit and save messages. Trustica s.r.o. carried out security testing of the entire BABEL system's software implementation. The test covered in particular communication infrastructure, mobile and server application architecture, and functions protecting user data from third-party attacks.

The BABEL system utilizes the latest know-how from cryptography and correctly applies strong cryptographic techniques. I did not find any weak points or cryptographic mistakes during the cryptographic design inspection. Among the BABEL developers, I encountered efforts to apply the best existing tools and know-how. I would not be afraid to have my secrets transmitted through this system.

RNDr. Vlastimil Klíma

RNDr. Vlastimil Klíma

Leading Czech cryptologist

The application conforms to current requirements for data security and uses ciphers that are currently considered secure. The application as a whole can be declared to be secure according to the producer's description.

Dominik Pantůček

Secure yout company's communications with BABEL Business Edition

Do you need to protect your company's information, personal data, and trade secrets as well as secure communications with your colleagues, business partners, or clients? BABEL Business Edition is an enterprise platform for encrypted communications ready for immediate deployment. After its implementation into your company's current IT infrastructure, it will transform your phones and computers into secure work and communications tools.

Manage encrypted communications in your IT infrastructure

Central administration of users, groups, and devices, import of company directories from LDAP/AD, and authentication using AD SSO.

Integration with your company's apps

Integration of the BABEL server with third party apps for sending encrypted messages and documents from any apps to devices with BABEL.

Multiple devices per user

Users may use BABEL on multiple devices (e.g., mobiles, tablets, notebooks, and PCs). Encrypted messages sent from one device are synchronized on all user devices.

Graphic server interface for easy settings management and control

Clearly arranged user interface for administrators and online user self-service.

Support, training, consulting

We ensure implementation, IT administrator training, customer support, and continuous development and improvement of the entire BABEL platform.

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